The Earth Moves for Dreamers

Ever wondered how geography influences your psyche? The spaces we live in are ever changing. Even the earth beneath our feet is in a state of flux and this can have its own influence. The depth psychologist, James Hillman proposes that the citizens of Los Angeles, a city on a dangerous fault line, are  ‘fundamentally faulted;’ they are ‘creative people doing crazy things, disinterested in history. People are not bothered about history or future they live in the moment, perhaps because any one of these moments could be their last, like the hedonists of Pompeii.’

Geographical position upon a land mass can have its own consequences. People flocked to the ‘New World’ travelling west, and when they got there, they carried on, if things don’t work out – ‘Go West!’ People left their previous lives behind again and again and eventually reached the Pacific Ocean, they had run out of new land. The writer Norman Mailer offered an explanation of what happened when people had nowhere to go in search of their dreams, – ‘We went as far west as we could, and then we built the studios.’

These TV studios became the venue of dreams, where new worlds are created. They have created programmes that fill screens in homes all over the world. One of the most successful examples of the last few decades is Friends, which offered a bright, colourful world, without shadows! It is a world where good things happen and bad things are joked about. Nothing is serious; everything is light. In the title sequence we move from a dark exterior to a bright interior where darkness has been banished.